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What Can We Do Together?

Lisa Loring holds certifications in two yoga traditions; Embodyoga and Forrest Yoga. Embodyoga uses traditional vinyasa flow techniques to cultivate both strength and fluid movement. These same principals are at the heart of Forrest Yoga, an externally and internally focused practice that emphasizes the breath and then uses this focus to help you learn to balance your work with the ease of the breath.

Lisa is also a certified Yin Yoga and Pranayama and Meditation teacher. She uses principles from these perspectives in stand alone classes such as Yinyasa and breath and meditation sessions, and throughout the vinyasa and alignment classes she leads.

Throughout my life, yoga has been my constant. I recently did some “yoga math” and realised I have practised this art form for over 23 years! I certainly did not start practising yoga with the intention, notion or even remotest idea that I would become a teacher, but over time that is where this practise led.

No one I knew practised yoga and I did not go looking for yoga. But yoga found me. This is a fairly familiar story – being drawn to connect, to go within to draw strength to live without. I began my journey with yoga in order to connect with myself during a time when life was chaotic at best; as a way to dial in, hear my own still and quiet voice, when so many other voices were clamouring.

Personally, this drive to connect and go deeper, to peel back the layers by breathing and working out the kinks of life through the physical body, continues to be my goal. Bringing you more into this same realm of feeling into your body is my goal for you – to help get you connected, plugged into your body and your life.

Let’s work together to help you develop a practise you, also, can grow for lifetime.

What to expect?

Here are a few expectations:

  • A focus on breath
  • How to connect into your body by deepening your breath
  • To learn how to use the breath to open parts of your body that feel disconnected
  • To learn to breathe through difficult poses in a way that helps you feel for that breath and calmness in the difficulties of life
  • To cultivate a physical strength that is integrated rather than just using the same body parts mechanically and habitually
  • To start at the beginning (wherever that is for YOU) and create a foundation for your practice that will help you build and grow, and to create a stamina for being able to continue to start over and recreate
  • To develop patience with yourself and your body over time

What Do You Need?

Here are some items to consider:

  • Comfortable clothing but not so loose it gets in your way or you are fussing with it.
  • Hair tied back is best or a headband
  • A yoga mat that is not too slippery. Not all yoga mats are created equal but not all expensive yoga mats are good, either!
  • A small towel and water bottle
  • A willingness to learn about your self


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